All my nicknames. @.@

Ok, so I think for my nicknames need a page just for them. :]] I will come with an edit every week, I guess. 8D Let`s start:

Nya – The best nickname ever. It comes from Nyappy [ mascot from An Cafe ] and I received it from a really good friend, how always call me ‘Nyappy’, but I told her that is too long, so she makes it shorter. :]]

Skater Girl – Everytime someone call me like that I start to laugh. The boy who gave me that nickname told me that it comes from a lot of reason. Two of them are: I had a period when I always listen to ‘Skater Boy’ by Avril and I am the only girl in my classroom who love to skate [ doesn`t matter I don`t know how :]] ].

Lollipop – All my ‘victims’ of ‘lollipop dependent’ call me like that. :]] I know, it sounds really… dunno. ^^”” Oh, `cuz I always eat lollipops, ofc. ;]]

V.I.P. – Some friends of mine call me like that, `cuz they say that I look like a celebrity [ and I don`t think so ]. Whatever, I like how it sounds. :]]

Vamp – It comes from vampire. My classmates say that I look like a vampire, `cuz I have white skin [ really white ] and red hair [ when it`s spring, summer and fall, `cuz in winter my hair is turnin` dark ] and sometimes I have red eyes [ I don`t really think that ].

Sticks – `Cuz I`m too slim, all my friends from my grandparents` town [ Ploieşti ] call me like that. :]] First person who called me ‘Sticks’ was a boy which now is… sixteen, I guess [ I didn`t talk with him for months so I don`t remember well ].

Pucca – Two years ago I made a manga with Aya [ a friend ] with characters like us. And I was Pucca [ a really beautiful girl – it wasn`t my fault, it was Aya`s idea ] and she was Moro [ a shy girl, I can say ].

Emo Barbie – Last summer, when I was at my grandmother from Constanţa, when my friends from there saw me, they call me like that `cuz they said I was like a sweet & black girl at the same time [ stupid kids, I was wearing a lolita dress -__- ].

I will come with an edit later, `cuz I`m too lazy to write all of my nicknames right now. D:


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