About me. 8D

Sooooo~… I chose to write in english because it`s much better, I guess. :]] Really, now, I don`t have a real reason. Now, I have to say something about me, right? My name is Nya [ that comes from Nyappy ]. My real name isn`t important, `cuz it sounds to baka.

My, let`s say passion, is Japanese life-style. I like to watch anime like Rosario+Vampire, Vampire Knight, Toradora, Shugo Chara, Death Note, School Rumble, 07 Ghost, Lovely Complex and so on [ I won`t write all of them `cuz they`re too much @.@ ]. I also like to read manga, like Bloody Kiss, 100% Perfect Girl, Devil May Cry, Future Diary and Chibi Vampire [ ofc, those are some of what I read ].

Do I have to say what I love to listen? Well, I think I have to. So, my fav` singer is Avril Lavigne.  I love her songs, like `One of Those Girls`, `I Can Do Better`, `Keep Holding On`, `He Wasn`t` and `Punk Princess`. My fav` band is Sonata Arctica. They`re really awesome. ❤ I so love `Fullmoon`, `Shy`, `Victoria`s Secret` and `Ain`t your fairytale`. I also love to listen j-rock music, bands like An Cafe, Ayabie, LM.C. and so on, and singers like Miyavi, Kuroneko and Hyde [ doesn`t matter he`s dead T^T ].

Well, I think I said all you have to know. If you have questions just leave a reply. ^^

Hugs from Nya.


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