Pets. <3

Well, this is a really important subject. I so love pets, doesn`t matter what they are. They are so cute and fluffy and I just love them [ did I said this already? D: ]. I disgust all the people who may hit an animal. It`s so… awful. T^T

I have a dog [ Petty – Caniche Toy – 8 years old ], a cat [ Bonduella – an Egyptian breed – 2 years old ] and another cat, but who is a boy [ Apricot – I don`t really know what breed is he – 6 months old ]. I love them so much, and I will be very depressed, `cuz I can`t live without them, I supposed. Maybe I will put some pics with them when I won`t be so lazy. :]]

I know, pets can`t be call like ‘creatures’, but I love creatures, so that means they are. ^^” Ok… I rlly like them, and I know I said that a million of times, but I just want to understand what I want to say. :]] I`m a `lil dizzy, I guess. I supposed I`ll come with an edit later `cuz now I`m too lazy to say all I want.

Hugs from Nya.


~ by Nya on 13 February 2010.

2 Responses to “Pets. <3”

  1. Well, I love animals as well. But I have to admit the fact that I do not love all kinds of animals. For instance, I do not really like cats. They are cute and fluffy , and whatever. But the fact is that I do not really like them when they start to mew mew and stuff like that, it is one of the things I hate the most. They are cute while they remain at some kind of a distance and keep quiet.
    My favs are dogs, really ❤

  2. I love animals too ! They are really cute.And I don’t care what kind of animal is it.I love all of them.From the most ugly to the most beatutiful.I’m not a racist ! I had a lot of animals and now I have just 2 dogs and I love them.

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