I`m still asking why we fall in love. We can stay single, without sadness in our lives. Why are we crying when we realize that we love, but we aren`t loved?  I really tried to not fall in love, but I couldn`t. Sometimes I think that it`s just an adventure. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn`t. I still hope that someday I will be just me, without a care in the world. Now I can only stay and cry. Very simple, right?

I thought  that love is pure and magic, and full of happines. But it isn`t. Or it is, but not always. Appy – chan said that we don`t have to give up, we have to hope. But I can`t hope all the time. I have some moments when I just fall and start to cry. Sometimes I don`t understand why. But when I think about it I don`t have a real reason. I just want to be… dunno. Maybe I want to be loved.

I`m gonna fall asleep in a few minutes, so I have to say something at the end. I`m not a drama queen. Maybe I don`t deserve to be loved. Maybe I`m nothing important. But I think that maybe sometimes we have to give up. But not today. Personal, I want to be strong. And I still hope. I still want to hope.

Hugs from Nya.


~ by Nya on 8 February 2010.

2 Responses to “Why?”

  1. @NY: Hope is something you will never see me give away. Sometimes I’m as failed as you are now but I never gave up… ok, maybe just once for few hours, though I managed to get back on my feet fast.
    Honestly, sometimes I’m as down as each of you, my friends who cry, are but I know how to struggle to be fine and I hope I can comfort you too.


  2. You can`t live without love.
    Love for friends. Love for things. Love for animals. Love for boys. We have to love each other. We have to fall in love and to feel sad, happy and so on. Because this means life. Although sometimes we would think that its better without love, it is not like that. I have never fallen in love until now ( and I am almost 17 ) but I have experienced some kind of affection and I can say that without those feelings, I would be a little nothing .
    Because it is said that women are nothing without love. For men or women. And it is true, in some kind of way. Most of girls live for love. Love is life, in some kind of way.
    We have to feel sad sometimes. Maybe, more times than just some` , but this depends on each person.
    I just think that we can`t stay without love. Life is long. You still have to experience a lot of new things. And a lot of new loves. Maybe in the future, when these feelings will be probably gone, and you will fall in love with someone else, you will say that you haven`t even loved that one. it is not true. It is some kind of love, how you admit it now. And even if its sad, that are your feelings.
    Saying why to those is like saying why to your own self, for your own self. ” Why do I live?” its your life, your feelings, your sadness. You have to be happy for the fact that you can feel them.
    Some happy moments will come sometime. Be sure of it.

    We aren`t love…
    You know, love its not so common. Its not something that anyone can feel for anyone. Its not someone`s fault. it just happens. You cant ask why cuz no one know the answer. There is no answer.

    Cant say you have to be strong. Nobody is that strong. Just let your feelings be as they are. Because they are yours.
    That is the only thing I can say. Love, sadness or whatever.
    You don`t have to force yourself for anything.

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