A day for tears TT_TT [ 4.02.2010 ].

Hellow Yellow!

I cryed a lot today. I woke up at half past ten and I read from `The Host` by Stephenie Meyer and I cry a lot [ I`m too sensible, I know ]. I went outside to meet my friend [ a told you about him yesterday ]. We just stayed on the block stairs and talked a lot about the people we fall in love for. :]] Yeah, I know, it`s kinda weird I talk with a boy about another boy, but he is the only person who can make me feel better when I tell him that ‘someone’ doesn`t feel the same [ or, at least, I don`t think he can feel what I feel for him ]. This friend of mine, told me that he can`t imagine how can a boy look at my just like a friend [ but he sees me as a friend, right? so this is a flexible afirmation ] . :]] He exaggerates, of course. Whatever, I just love him. He will always be my brother. ;]] Ok… At noon I have some food [ lulz xD ]. After noon, I read `The Host` and I finish it. But I started to read it again. :]] I just love it. Now I`m just staying here and staring at the floor. I`m too sad, I suppose. I really miss my love. :[ But I`m a lil` upset on him [ doesn`t matter why T^T ].

Bye, `kids`!

Hugs from Nya.


~ by Nya on 4 February 2010.

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