My opinion about this manga.

Well, I really like it. I really like Kuroboshi. He looks so… smexy [ yeah, Appy, I know, it`s your word xD ]. And Kiyo… she`s ok, she`s kawaii. When they are ready to have a kiss and Alshu appear I always scream: “Oh, c`mon, let them have a kiss! TT_TT”. I know, I`m a little baka. *innocent look* Where was I? Oh, yes, at the beautiful Kuroboshi. *dreamy* Ok, I will stop… I started to read this manga in July 2009. I bought the first number from Japan, and it was really hard to read in japanese, but, God knows how, I understand more than a half [ yes, with japanese letters ]. So, I like this manga. I hope the anime will come soon. xD


~ by Nya on 3 February 2010.

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