How I usually dress up.

Ok, this is not a real important thing, but… dunno… I want to tell you about that. :]] At school I can`t wear what I want, `cuz I have a T-shirt for uniform [ a yellow one, like a pijama >.< ] and I have to wear that yellow thing and jeans ;]]. But, when I`m not at school, I wear a lot of punk clothes. I`m unique. :]] I can`t understand why those ‘pitzi’ think that I`m weird and insane. -__-“” When I don`t have a lot of time, I just put on me some clothes [ they`re cute – or not really cute, `cuz they`re more casual, I guess -, but they`re not punk ^^”” ]. The problem is that I have to go by myself at shopping `cuz my mom doesn`t know what I like. -.- Btw, I can`t wear warm clothes [ doesn`t matter if is cold, like -20 C ]. I know, I`m weird. :]] Maybe I will come with an edit, later. ^^

Hugs from Nya.


~ by Nya on 3 February 2010.

2 Responses to “How I usually dress up.”

  1. I like your style, sweety 😉 *huggies*

    • Sankyu, honey. :]] I suppose that your sister`s friends are that kind of girls who think that I`m ‘weird and insane’ right? :]]

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