Cold day X_X [ 2.02.2010 ].

Hi, world!

It was somewhat a good day. I woke up at quarter to eleven, late for me. :]] But, I don`t have school, so that means I can wake up late. I ate an youghurt, `cuz I was too laz to eat somethin` more complex. xD After that, I have a walked in the house, without a real reason. At noon, I ate mushrooms. They were really good. After that, I stayed on the computer and I chated with some friends [ and with another person, but I`m not gonna say more, `cuz Appy – chan will think that I`m more than in love… ops! I actually say something, but I`m stopping now. D: ]. Whateva`. At about… um… half past seven, Aya came to my grandparents` house and we talked about manga and things like that. She borrowed me Ouran nr. 1 in french and I borrowed her Rosario+Vampire nr. 4 in english. Now, I`m reading from Ouran and my french is really good [ and I`m not talking about the `french kiss` :]] ]. I`m chating on messenger with some friends : my Berry [ which is so sweet, and I really love her <333], Teh [ she`s great ] and Mely – chan [ a sweet girl ].

Bye, ppl!

Hugs from Nya.


~ by Nya on 2 February 2010.

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