A lot of snow today X_X [ 1.02.2010 ].

Heya, ppl!

I`m at my grandparents till Thursday. It was a really good day today. I woke up at… half past nine, then I had breakfast. I played on the computer, after that, but I was sad, `cuz the best forum ever is close for a few days, but I talked with… well… someone. D: The morning was really boring. The noon was quite good. I ate spinach and fried egg [ I don`t know if I wrote good ]. After that, I watched TV all the afternoon. At about six o`clock in the evening I went at mall with Aya [ a friend from here ]. I bought the book `The Host` by Stephenie Meyer. I can`t wait to go to bed to read from it. When we [ me and Aya ] were on the way home, Aya pushed me in the snow. When I rised, she wrote with her finger in the snow ` Nya`s Bottom 1` and then she pushed me again for two times and she wrote `Nya`s Bottom 2` and `Nya`s Bottom 3`. :]] I so love Aya, she`s great. I can`t wait to see her, again, tomorow. ^^ Now, I`m talking on messenger with Appy – chan, the best girl ever, and one of my classmates and I`m watching something on Discovery Travel. I`m a bit tired, so  guess I will go to bed at about half past eleven.

Bye, guys! xD

Hugs from Nya.


~ by Nya on 1 February 2010.

One Response to “A lot of snow today X_X [ 1.02.2010 ].”

  1. Best girl ever, huh? Thankies >:D< me loves ya 😉

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