Pets. <3

•13 February 2010 • 2 Comments

Well, this is a really important subject. I so love pets, doesn`t matter what they are. They are so cute and fluffy and I just love them [ did I said this already? D: ]. I disgust all the people who may hit an animal. It`s so… awful. T^T

I have a dog [ Petty – Caniche Toy – 8 years old ], a cat [ Bonduella – an Egyptian breed – 2 years old ] and another cat, but who is a boy [ Apricot – I don`t really know what breed is he – 6 months old ]. I love them so much, and I will be very depressed, `cuz I can`t live without them, I supposed. Maybe I will put some pics with them when I won`t be so lazy. :]]

I know, pets can`t be call like ‘creatures’, but I love creatures, so that means they are. ^^” Ok… I rlly like them, and I know I said that a million of times, but I just want to understand what I want to say. :]] I`m a `lil dizzy, I guess. I supposed I`ll come with an edit later `cuz now I`m too lazy to say all I want.

Hugs from Nya.



•8 February 2010 • 2 Comments

I`m still asking why we fall in love. We can stay single, without sadness in our lives. Why are we crying when we realize that we love, but we aren`t loved?  I really tried to not fall in love, but I couldn`t. Sometimes I think that it`s just an adventure. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn`t. I still hope that someday I will be just me, without a care in the world. Now I can only stay and cry. Very simple, right?

I thought  that love is pure and magic, and full of happines. But it isn`t. Or it is, but not always. Appy – chan said that we don`t have to give up, we have to hope. But I can`t hope all the time. I have some moments when I just fall and start to cry. Sometimes I don`t understand why. But when I think about it I don`t have a real reason. I just want to be… dunno. Maybe I want to be loved.

I`m gonna fall asleep in a few minutes, so I have to say something at the end. I`m not a drama queen. Maybe I don`t deserve to be loved. Maybe I`m nothing important. But I think that maybe sometimes we have to give up. But not today. Personal, I want to be strong. And I still hope. I still want to hope.

Hugs from Nya.

A day for tears TT_TT [ 4.02.2010 ].

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Hellow Yellow!

I cryed a lot today. I woke up at half past ten and I read from `The Host` by Stephenie Meyer and I cry a lot [ I`m too sensible, I know ]. I went outside to meet my friend [ a told you about him yesterday ]. We just stayed on the block stairs and talked a lot about the people we fall in love for. :]] Yeah, I know, it`s kinda weird I talk with a boy about another boy, but he is the only person who can make me feel better when I tell him that ‘someone’ doesn`t feel the same [ or, at least, I don`t think he can feel what I feel for him ]. This friend of mine, told me that he can`t imagine how can a boy look at my just like a friend [ but he sees me as a friend, right? so this is a flexible afirmation ] . :]] He exaggerates, of course. Whatever, I just love him. He will always be my brother. ;]] Ok… At noon I have some food [ lulz xD ]. After noon, I read `The Host` and I finish it. But I started to read it again. :]] I just love it. Now I`m just staying here and staring at the floor. I`m too sad, I suppose. I really miss my love. :[ But I`m a lil` upset on him [ doesn`t matter why T^T ].

Bye, `kids`!

Hugs from Nya.


•4 February 2010 • 2 Comments

I know, some people think that ‘soulmates’ are stupid things for dreamy girls. Well, that really make me mad [ I take all too personal D: ]. I really think that we all have a soulmate. It doesn`t matter if your ‘soulmate’ doesn`t feel the same, `cuz it`s all about the destiny. So, I think you don`t have to give up.

I don`t really know if I found my ‘soulmate’. Maybe yes… But I`m still young and I can`t know that thing yet. Some of my friends always say: ‘Oh, I found my soulmate, I want to marry with him / her! *stupid look*’. I can`t really believe that, `cuz they have a boyfriend / girlfriend per month. -__-“”

We [ people, I mean ] have a soulmate somewhere in the world. He / She can be all you ever dislike, but it`s something [ more than just a feeling ] that tell you he / she is the one.

I know, I was a little dreamy and stupid. :]] Or more stupid than dreamy. I hope I didn`t make you fall asleep. I just wanted to share my opinion with you, guys. ^^

Hugs from Nya.

Fuckin` stupid day >.<" [ 3.02.2010 ].

•3 February 2010 • 1 Comment

Hello! ^^

Like the title says, it was a fuckin` stupid day. I woke up at half past eight and I just haunted the house. Then, I jumped in front of computer and haunted the net [ me is such a ghost xD ]. At about half past one, I went for five minutes outside, to give the manga to Aya. I was wearing a T-shirt and 3/4 trousers when I ‘died’ of cold. :]] I`m waiting for summer, btw. Then I had noon, with usual food. I can`t wait to arive home and eat sushi. ❤ Ok… At about two o`clock, I met an old friend from here and I was really shoked when I saw him. He`s with five months older than me, but I always was taller than him [ and I still am ]. I really missed him, `cuz a few years ago we were best friends and we were just like brother & sister. He knew all my secrets. :]] And we laughed so much today… I hope someday we will be what we were [ just best friends, don`t understand wrong :]] ]. Ok… Then, I forced my grandma to listen Avril Lavigne – I don`t give a. She really liked it. O_O I talked a lil` on messenger with the boy I like, and I don`t know why, that makes me really happy. Now, I`m chating on messenger with Appy – chan [ mah` honey ❤ ] and some classmates, and I am talking at the telephone with mah` lovely Yumi [ a friend from Japan ].

Bye! xD

Hugs from Nya.

How I usually dress up.

•3 February 2010 • 2 Comments

Ok, this is not a real important thing, but… dunno… I want to tell you about that. :]] At school I can`t wear what I want, `cuz I have a T-shirt for uniform [ a yellow one, like a pijama >.< ] and I have to wear that yellow thing and jeans ;]]. But, when I`m not at school, I wear a lot of punk clothes. I`m unique. :]] I can`t understand why those ‘pitzi’ think that I`m weird and insane. -__-“” When I don`t have a lot of time, I just put on me some clothes [ they`re cute – or not really cute, `cuz they`re more casual, I guess -, but they`re not punk ^^”” ]. The problem is that I have to go by myself at shopping `cuz my mom doesn`t know what I like. -.- Btw, I can`t wear warm clothes [ doesn`t matter if is cold, like -20 C ]. I know, I`m weird. :]] Maybe I will come with an edit, later. ^^

Hugs from Nya.

My opinion about this manga.

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Well, I really like it. I really like Kuroboshi. He looks so… smexy [ yeah, Appy, I know, it`s your word xD ]. And Kiyo… she`s ok, she`s kawaii. When they are ready to have a kiss and Alshu appear I always scream: “Oh, c`mon, let them have a kiss! TT_TT”. I know, I`m a little baka. *innocent look* Where was I? Oh, yes, at the beautiful Kuroboshi. *dreamy* Ok, I will stop… I started to read this manga in July 2009. I bought the first number from Japan, and it was really hard to read in japanese, but, God knows how, I understand more than a half [ yes, with japanese letters ]. So, I like this manga. I hope the anime will come soon. xD